• Top 5 Reasons You Should Elope

Here are my 5 best reasons you should choose to Elope

Despite things going [relatively] back to normal in 2022 and as the future 2023 wedding season starts coming into view. Many couples are still choosing to elope instead of having a traditional big wedding. Eloping has lost the stigma of teens running away to Las Vegas – it’s now about the adventure, the intimacy, and the experience unlike any other! Still not sure if eloping is right for you? Here are five reasons I think every couple should elope.

1. Eloping is Personal

Eloping is about you two and only you two. It is about celebrating your love story in a grand and romantic way without catering to the wants or needs of anyone else. It is the most unique experience you may ever have, and among the most intimate (aside from the wedding night, of course).

When you elope, you get to do it your way and focus 100% of your energy on each other. You’re getting married because of your unconquerable love for each other, and what better way to celebrate that love than with an event focused solely on you two without any distractions or expectations?

2. Eloping is Less Stressful

When you elope, the list of pre-wedding to-dos grow significantly smaller. There are no caterers to coordinate, no venues to decorate, and no seating charts to mediate. You don’t have to hire your cousin to play guitar for the ceremony because otherwise your aunt won’t come. You don’t have to invite the annoying relative who will inevitably give an awkward and drunken speech. You don’t have to compromise what you want for anyone else. Any planning that goes into your elopement will be to bring together the things you want to have happen and no one else!

With so much less to coordinate, there’s also less margin for error. The only thing you really need to happen is that the two of you arrive at your desired location with an officiant and photographer in tow. Everything else is just icing on the cake that you don’t have to have (unless you want one).

3. Eloping is Adventurous

How many people can say they got married on the Olympic Peninsula? Or said their vows on a mountain peak in Yosemite? Eloping is nothing if not adventurous, and you can literally make your adventure elopement happen anywhere you want to. Whether it’s a cozy beach cove near your house or a national park you’d love to explore in a grand wedding dress with your BFFL (best friend for life aka soon-to-be spouse), no location is off limits.

Elopements are full of adventure and fun that just can’t be beat by a traditional church ceremony or backyard reception. I mean, seriously, how does saying “I Do” underneath a waterfall sound? How about a helicopter ride in Alaska? With all the money you’ll save on opting out of the big wedding, you can probably afford to go basically anywhere you want to elope.

4. Eloping is Inexpensive

Speaking of cost, there isn’t a whole lot when it comes to eloping. All you really need is a permit for your location of choice. If it’s far away from you, you’ll need to cover travel expenses for the two of you. If you want to look nice, you’ll need to buy a dress or a suit.

A lot of my couples combine their elopement location with their honeymoon location, which saves a lot of money on travel expenses since they only need to go to one spot. National parks tend to have gorgeous hotels and AirBnBs nearby, so it won’t be hard to find a honeymoon-worthy place to stay near your elopement location!

Oh right, I forgot to mention one rather vital expense…a photographer! Because why elope if you’re not going to get epic pictures to remember it by?

5. Eloping is Memorable

Will your family grumble and complain about you getting married without them present? Maybe. But having photos and videos of the day will help appease them! Besides, photos of your elopement are the perfect way to keep the romance alive and always remember the day you two became one.

As it just so happens, I know a great photographer available where you’re planning to elope. How do I know where you’re eloping, you ask? Well, I don’t! But lucky for you, we’re living that #vanlife and can travel anywhere you want to capture your adventurous elopement. Sound like a plan? Contact me and let’s coordinate!

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