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Eloping is not what it once was. It's not "shot-gun" in order to hide something; it's not reckless, impulsive, or tacky. in the simplest of terms and in the most obvious way, an elopement is about the two people that are making that life-long commitment to each other, and no one else. No unwanted debt, no unnecessary "stuff" that you don't really care about. The best part about an elopement is it's only a fraction of the stress and pressure.

Eloping is a whole different experience now!

This day is only about what you want: love, adventure, and really amazing photos to remember it by. You get to decide when and where. Maybe you always wanted to get married at the Grand Canyon so you can scream "I do!" together and hear it echo back. Perhaps you both want to make the trek down to the peaks of Patagonia knowing it's just the two of you. Maybe you imagined bringing your squad to Ireland and say your vows over a Guinness beer. It's completely up to you and how far your imagination can take you!

What if you want more than just the two of you there? Elopement vs Intimate Wedding

That is wonderful too! As long as the main focus is on the two of you, I have seen intimate weddings up to 30 people. The intimacy, meaningfulness, and stress-free feeling is and should still be there. Keep in mind that my prices are not determined by the amount of people you have to celebrate with you. As long as you’re looking for a stress-free, wild, and adventurous wedding experience, I’d love to be a part of your day as your photographer .   

Overwhelmed on where to start? Let me help!

Thankfully you have me to ease your mind and sort through it all. I can assist you in finding any other vendors you need, like flowers, hair or makeup. I am always ready for any weather conditions and a great tour guide. Think of me as a second set of arms and eyes you wish you had.  I’m a woman who can get things-I’ve been known to locate certain objects from time to time. I have put together the perfect “emergency kit” that I always keep with me.

I always make sure I take you to the most perfect, beautiful, and safe locations. I don’t want your dream wedding to be ruined because of something unexpected. Even if–*knock on wood*–the unexpected does happen, we will be ready to handle it.

For example, what if you want babies breath used in your bouquet or flower crown? Guess what? It’s not allowed in Yosemite! I know, right?? I do my due diligence so you don’t have to, because your wedding is just as important to me as it is to you.

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something you may not have thought about--

"Should I have full coverage for my elopement?"

There is something to be said about having me with you all day. As long as you can handle my awful dad-jokes and potty humor, it's the most stress-free way to get married. Here are some of the pros of going for all day:

1. The more time we have, the more relaxed and playful you are resulting in better photos. The last thing you want is to be rushed!

2. If you want to have your ceremony out in the wilderness, we can go on a hike to find the perfect romantic and intimate spot. This also means we can go to multiple beautiful shooting locations to be able to make the most out of the day.

3.  You get more stuff to remember the day by. Albums, prints and all that pretty stuff.

4. EVERYTHING always takes longer than you think it will! You will want to take your time to show off your dress to your girlfriends, give grandma that bear hug, and make sure your makeup is exactly how it should be.

I don’t make you reenact moments; I capture them as they come. I want you to feel like I got your whole love story from beginning to end. It’s those in-between moments that you’ll cherish the most. Go check out my blog to see more all-day love stories.

Your Elopement Adventure Starts Here!

Intimate Weddings & Elopements Outside North America



Full day coverage - with option to split coverage with following day

Online Gallery of Edited Images

Print Rights Release

$1500 Album Credit

Instagram teasers 24-48 hours after

All travel expenses included

Intimate Weddings & Elopements in the US & Canada

Starting at $3500


6 hours of Coverage (upgradeable to 12)

Online Gallery of Edited Images

Print Rights Release

$1000 Album Credit

Instagram teasers 24-48 hours

Adventure Sessions anywhere in the US & Canada


4 hours of coverage 
Including hiking, picture taking, & adventuring 
Online Gallery of Edited Images
Print Rights Release
Instagram teasers 24-48 hours after

Are you ready to start planning your adventure?

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