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Mountains. Lakes. Desert Skies. Your Adventure, the way you want it.

In the simplest of terms and in the most obvious way, an elopement is about the two people that are making that life-long commitment to each other, and no one else. No unwanted debt, no unnecessary “stuff” that you don’t really care about. This day is only about what you want: love, adventure, and really amazing photos to remember it by. You get to decide when and where. 

Have you dreamed of getting married surrounded by the ancient red rocks of southern Utah? Perhaps you both want to go full force into the wilds of Patagonia or Alaska knowing it’s just you and the wildlife. It’s completely up to you two and how far your imagination can take you! I’ll bring the snacks!

Elopements & Intimate Wedding Packages

Complete Adventure Coverage

Just like your love story, we take our time. I want to make sure the stress level is minimized as much as possible while still being able to document all the little bits and pieces of the day. Depending upon what you want, traveling, hiking, and other details the average time is 8 hours. Packages are available in 6, 8, 12 hours, and multiple day.

Let's make a plan!

With extensive knowledge build up over the years. I am here to help you put this whole experience together. If you need anything, I’m here to help. From vendor selection, day-of timeline creating, location suggestions, permits, marriage licenses (I’m ordained!), and anything else to help make your day unforgettable and go smoothly!

Finding that perfect spot

The most fun aspect of planning a wedding should be where you want to go and the backdrop that will play a part in your big day.  Things to think about..the number of guests and do any of them have physical restrictions. If you are able to bring man’s best friend (most national parks don’t allow dogs but we can find the ones that do!) and what time of year all go into which locations I suggest to you. I’ll narrow it down to a few options that are the best fit for your elopement giving you the confidence in your selection. Or you can simply leave the choice up to me and I’ll take you to the spots that not only beautiful but will excite you!

Small, but important details

15-25 teaser photos within 48 hours! Online gallery with digital download of all images at full resolution delivered within 4 weeks.

Adventure Elopements

Starting at $3000


4 hours of Coverage (upgradeable to 12)

Online Gallery of Edited Images

Print Rights Release

$900 Album Credit

Instagram teasers 24-48 hours

Intimate Weddings

Starting at $4500


6 hours of Coverage (upgradable to 12 or Multi-day)

Online Gallery of Edited Images

Print Rights Release

$1000 Album Credit

Instagram teasers 24-48 hours after

All travel expenses included

Adventure Sessions

Starting at $800

For Engagement, Anniversary or just for fun ONLY!

some things you may not have thought about--

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Are you ready to start planning your adventure?

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