• We're Kim & Jesse

    Nomads, Story tellers, & Rock Hounds
    A Photo & Video dynamic duo living on the road with our dog

Your professional "perfect location" finders, tour guide and new bffs.

We are an elopement photographer & videographer team who love to travel, here’s a little bit about us..

If you enjoy a laid back approach to life, but put your love for one another and for adventure first, then you've stumbled onto the right website!

OUR DOG IS OUR LIFE! We love seeing photos of your fur babies too if you have them. Nothing we enjoy more than bonding over our love of animals!

The wanderlust bug hit Kim in '08 when she went to Africa. It bit Jesse when he went to Mexico in '99. We have been obsessed with seeing new places ever since and van life makes us both so happy to explore on the daily. Banff, Patagonia and Alaska are at the top of our lists!

We have been married for 13 years! We got married on 7/11 and we get a slurpee every year! It’s the small things that make any relationship work.

We grew up on the Olympic Peninsula, and we love the outdoors. Climbing up a mountain, or driving on a dirt road to a hidden canyon for you to take your elopement photos is our love language!

Tid bits about us:

we live in a van CALLED "The WALTER MITTY" with our dog SAmmy. We have a cardboard cutout of ben stiller from the movie "the secret life of walter mitty" and take photos of him everywhere!

WE became snow birds in 2020

Kim is a petite 5'1, with a big personality. Jesse is 5'10 and is more reserved

Kim is Obsessed with tattoos, currently has 9, Jesse loves doing woodworking

We are Total Star Wars, LOTR,Harry Potter & Marvel nerds

We grew up in WA, but fell in love with the desert & Alaska

we love jesus, and everyone else no matter who you love!

Some photos of our travels, fur babies, and everything in between

The craziest thing happened to me in 2018. I was legit on tv for my photography! It was a totally surreal moment and such an honor. It was fun, cold as hell, wet as hell, but I have never been more thankful and grateful for the fact that someone wanted to share me, my awkward self, and my photography.

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