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About Kim

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful & that will be my life.”

-Elsie De Wolfe

You know me. I’m that friend that pops in your head, makes you smile and think “I should give her a call!” or “Oh my gosh, did she really just do that!?” As you laugh till your stomach hurts. I’m THAT friend, only I have a camera permanently welded to my hand, I’m awkward as heck and have almost no filter on my mouth. I’m honest, about as laid back as you can get, one of a kind, and very silly.  I even have lip-sync battles in my office with myself between editing photos. I am spontaneous. I would drop everything to go for a road trip or a hike. I am bubbly, I have traveled across the world, to other continents, countries and no matter where I go, I make friends. But I am also a homebody. Netflix, the couch and I are soul mates.

 Anything else you need to know is that I love what I do and if given the chance I would help make every woman feel beautiful and every couple be overjoyed by seeing what I captured. It’s what makes me most happy and makes me keep clicking the shutter.

My name is Kim, heeey.

p.s. The way to my heart: talk about dogs, music, Autumn or Iceland.