A Mystic Olympic National Park Adventure

Mandy & Taylor - A Mystic & Vibrant Hurricane ridge adventure session

I never get tired of shooting adventure session in the Olympic National Park, especially for a Hurricane Ridge adventure session!

Every time I go there the weather is different, or should I say the clouds. And for Mandy and Taylor’s adventure session it was beyond perfect! We started down below in the campground where it had snowed a few weeks prior. So it was “fresh” but still melted enough to see the roads. When we walked through it was incredible with the fog. It made everything so lush and green and very mystic and romantic feeling. It really did feel like we were inside one of the Twilight movies. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to our day.

As we headed up the curvy mountain roads to a secret spot. I can’t really tell you where it is as it is a big dangerous to get too and don’t want to encourage that behavior. But, because there was no snow on the trail I felt confident that we could be ok. It was such a good idea for this adventure session! Because damn, it was so epic once we got to the look out and we saw the low fog laying on the mountains like a soft cloud. With with the sun are just the right angle it wasn’t overtly bright on Mandy and Taylor either.

Tip: if you can avoid it, midday is pretty much the worse time to have photos taken as it’s so incredibly harsh light. Aim for earlier or later in the day for better photos!

Anyway, it was hard to want to leave such a pristine, private, and quite spot. I seriously could just sit there all day and watch those fog move around the mountains. But alas, we needed to keep heading up the mountain road to the top and get ourselves to Hurricane Ridge. Oh my gosh! When we saw just how incredible it was at the top I was floored! It was mid-winter and I was afraid that it would have been utterly bitterly cold up there and would have made things hard for that last hour. I am so glad I was wrong! The mountains looked perfect in that late afternoon sun.

It was important to Taylor that we got a couple shoots with these walking sticks that were carved by his great grandfather 40 years ago. Its a little hard to see the carvings in them, but they were so intricate and quite impressive that they had lasted so long. Taylor was given them by his father as an early wedding gift for him and Mandy since they are avid hikers. Once I saw that shot of them that I took walking along the snow, I showed it to them and it was utter perfection!

After a little bit more time up in the snow Mandy was starting to get cold. Bound to happen since she was wearing a dress, but completely worth it as it was the one she had worn the night they got engaged a few months prior. So really any excuse to wear such a stunning dress, even in the freezing cold snow.

 I of course had brought a blanket with me for just such an occasion. It was a great prop and kept her warm just enough to finish off the session on a high note. So without further ado, please enjoy Mandy and Taylor’s stunning adventure session photos in the Olympic National Park at Hurricane Ridge. A must visit if you’re ever in the area.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this beautiful Hurricane Ridge adventure session.  If you would like to see more of my work, you can check out my blog here.

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