Zeke & Agatha – Zion National Park Elopement

If you want to elope in Zion, be prepared to be blown away by beauty!

Zeke & Agatha are a very unique couple to say the least. Their native language is Spanish but they speak English better than a lot of people I know. But as you go through the photos you’ll be able to tell that their love is so incredible and intense that you can feel it even if they never said a word.

One thing you should know about Zeke & Agatha is that their families do not living in the United States, and were unable to make it to their ceremony due to problems with their visas.

Since Agatha & Zeke wanted to elope, and it would be just the two of them, they figured that they would go bigger than just going to the courthouse in their current town. They are both very adventurous people so the idea of this excited the heck out of them and that’s when they came a knocking into my email.

Being an adventure elopement photographer means that I’m traveling a LOT. I told them about my road trip I was about to go on through Utah and gave them all the options of where I was going to be going. Moab, Arches national park, Canyonlands National Park, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park. I really love southern Utah and all it’s amazing sights.

After some hemming and hawing, they landed on Zion! The crazy thing is that this all went down about 4 weeks BEFORE the big day! Which is what I love most about elopements. As long as you’re organized, get help from your amazing photographer (aka me!) and you know what you want, you can get married pretty quickly.

In Agatha’s case, her mother had gotten remarried the year before, and being as they are pretty much the same size, she actually ended out wearing her mother’s wedding dress! Which don’t all mother’s wish that for their daughters? In this case it worked out perfectly. It was the perfect amount of feminine but flexible. Agatha wanted to make sure that she was going to have mobility with walking around the trails and it wasn’t so long that it dragged on the ground.

Having a shorter dress worked out in her favor because, as I was on my way to photograph their Zion National Park Elopement, it started to rain! It was off and on rain through out our entire time together. The worst of it though was as they said their vows to each other (of course!) But since Agatha knew it was going to be colder than we were hoping for she had brought along a beautiful southwest styled scarf to keep herself warm, and at one point to help keep them both dry.

It was a very sweet moment and adorable moment watching them huddle together under this tiny scarf as my (poor choice to wear) down jacket was soaking in the rain. But eventually, as all brides should, they just gave in and embraced the moment and let the rain engulf them and just had fun with it. After all, the stormy clouds and the red rocks made for a beautiful sight! After we had gone all over the park for photos for a few hours and were actually starting to dry off, we headed back to where they were staying for some last photos.

If you have never heard of Under Canvas, you NEED to check it out! It’s an incredible experience. Basically “glamping” but right outside of a national park! There are several in the United States, and if you happen to be reading this and think “OMG! I want to go to one!” Then check them out here:  https://www.undercanvas.com/

Anyway, because we were now just far enough outside the park the sun came out and it was an incredible sight! At Under The Canvas, most if not all of them have a spot for morning yoga. But since we were there closer to sunset, it was totally empty. So right there on that open cement space, Zeke and Agatha danced and twirled, laughed and kissed in utter bliss.

It was a moment that I will forever remember myself! I have seen many happy couples, and I am sure I will see many more. But right there in that moment, I had never seen such a happy, crazy in love couple before. It’s moments like that that make me really love my job. That I can be a witness to the purest and most heart warming moments of love.

As our time together was nearly over Agatha had an idea. She wanted to get a few photos of them in their tent! Because the love these two share is hotter than a furnace, it didn’t take much to get some sexy, yet still very tasteful (and clothed) photos of them together. And since they’re that attractive of a couple, it nearly melted my camera.

All in all, Zion National Park was the perfect spot for these two to elope too. I am so glad that we made it work on such short notice and they were so willing to just go along with my ideas. That is how marriage and getting married should be. Fun, easy, and exciting! Please enjoy this gorgeous Zion National Park Elopement photos, I know I do!

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