Epic Diablo Lake Elopement In The North Cascades

Monred & Zac - Epic Diablo Lake Elopement In The North Cascades

Monred & Zach came to me with the idea of having their elopement at a place I have been wanting to go to for forever, Diablo Lake! It’s hands down one of the most beautiful places to visit in the North Cascades.

Not only that but it’s incredibly easy to get to, which is a major plus if you have family that have issues with walking. Something to keep in mind when planning your own elopement in Washington State. When we arrived at Diablo Lake elopement, it was a lovely and sweltering 85 degrees and with it being around 4pm, we made sure we moved quickly so we didn’t all melt in the June sun.

Even with elopements a lot of the traditional stuff is no longer in place, Monred wanted to make sure that her dad walked her down the aisle and that her and Zac did have a first look. The moment he saw her he started crying. Which as a photographer is pure gold. I love a real, raw emotional moment. I focus so much as having fun, laughing, and being silly. So when a couple can show that can have a tender moment I want to make sure I capture that.

As they said their vows the lake below sparkled and the mountains were beautiful and massive. You can’t help but be blown away by the majestic views. In all my years of shooting elopements, the is hands down in the top 3 most amazing spots for couples to get married.

One thing I should mention is that Monred was able to pull this Diablo Lake elopement together in just a month’s time! That’s right, she found a dress and a suit for Zach, flowers, officiant and location and of course me to photograph it, in just a few short weeks!

This is why elopements are so fantastic! They are so much easier to plan. The cost is so much lower, and the stress is a fraction of what would have been if you had planned a big wedding. The planning process was so much more fun Mored told me later on. It helps to know what you want too.

As Monred and Zach twirled and danced up on the cliff we all knew that the day ended out completely perfectly. I loved being able to get the epic shots of Monred and Zach on the cliff and with those stunning beastly mountains in the background. Seriously, my jaw was to the floor!

Even though our time together was brief (literally, like 3 hours) it was incredibly memorable. But it also opened my eyes to Diablo Lake and having other couples having their elopements there. Keep in mind that you can in fact get down to the lake and have photos taken down there as well. We just didn’t have the time today.

If you are a bride and you’re pondering where to get married in Washington, I highly recommend Diablo Lake. You can camp here, there are hikes not to far away, you can swim in the bright blue waters, and it’s the perfect spot for your elopement to take place if you’re want somewhere that is easy to access, but will also take your damn breath away!

Lastly, even though this place is beautiful in the summer time, it’s just as amazing in the fall, and spring and early winter. I’m not 100% sure if it’s open in the dead of winter, but I can only imagine what having a just a little more snow would look like on those peaks and how they would look in your wedding photos.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy these photos from this beautiful Diablo Lake elopement!

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