Sam & Tawni Elopement

Adventure Elopement in the Hoh Rainforest

If you want to elope in a place that is otherworldly and like no where you have ever seen before, then you need to check out The Hot Rainforest!

The south east part of the country (like the Carolinas) may have French moss, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the millions of pounds of deep green moss that completely covers everything you see. Tall old growth trees that loom over you as you walk among the ferns as they the moss that hangs off their branches reaches so far down you can almost touch their ends.

The Hoh river runs through the forest on its way out to the Pacific Ocean, curving around every corner and being naturally filtered through the moss to be incredibly clear to look at as you walk over the small bridge on your way to the Hall of Mosses.

Sam and Tawni are a very unique couple, in that they wanted to feel like they were walking in a dream land but they also didn’t want it to be super bright nor warm. Which is why they were happy when their elopement date in March ended out being overcast with a cool 50 degrees. Luckily it didn’t rain on us, but it was just perfect. You can usually expect that kind of weather in late winter, early spring in the Hoh.

If you’re planning your adventure Elopement in the Hoh Rainforest and you want the PERFECT conditions (from my photographic opinion) don’t do it in the summer, or if you do do it then, have it in the early morning or later in the day to avoid the light coming through the trees being super green. As I tell people, you’ll look like Mr. & Mrs. Jolly Green Giant if you do. So unless you want to look like you’re sick, you should choose some time that’s not super bright and sunny.

They kept their ceremony small and simple.  Tawni’s mom performed the ceremony and their daughter assisted in the “tying the knot” ceremony. Tawni and Sam got married next to the river and the gentle sound of the water rushing was their music. Even with such a quick and simple ceremony, it was sweet and emotional. Both Tawni and Sam cried, and if I’m being honest, I started to feel a little choked up myself.

As we sauntered through the forest together they did something that very few couples I have worked with have done, but that is ok to do in Washington.  They smoked some cannabis. They wanted to feel the full effect of being surrounded by the beautiful of the forest and be able to embrace the natural high of getting married. And just to clarify, I am 100% totally ok with that thought process and practice!

If you happen to be someone who needs or wants to partake in the use of cannabis in order to calm down your anxiety, or just to experience something fuller, then let me know and I can direct you to the best dispensaries in the Port Angeles area.

After the had their moment together and let it settle in for a bit we continued walking through he forest to the famous tree bridge that was still covered in leaves from the fall. The combination of the orange leaves and greenery was a beautiful addition to compliment her flowing white dress.

There was a few other spots that we stopped along the trail before got to the end. I loved being able to capture their love for one another, it was incredibly gentle but fierce.

After we all felt that we got enough photos of the two of them in the stunning forest for their adventure elopement, we went down to the river to end our time together. Getting that last bit of sunlight with the mountains and the clouds, ugh, I was in love! Really, nothing compares with having your adventure elopement in the Hot Rainforest.

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