2018 Best of Review in Pictures

2018 WAS the most incredible year of my life!

Here are a few quick stats first:

*I shot 61 sessions

*Traveled to Montana, California 2x, Chicago, South Carolina, and (finally) Iceland.

*Drove over 5000 miles

*Broke 2 lenses

*Traveled internationally by myself for 20 days.

*Got in front of the camera more than ever to build my confidence!

So the photos I’m about to share are not 100% weddings or engagement photos but just photos that I took that I just loved so much that I had to share. Some were from trips I took, some from portrait sessions for myself to keep myself sane and to drive my creativity. I would share more of the photos of myself because I never do, but I also didn’t take them. 😉

After my trip to Iceland I am now OBSESSED with shooting landscapes. So I shared a lot of them in the post. I now have a list of places I want to go and see just to enjoy the landscapes. My trip to also got stuck in my wanderlust soul. I can’t wait to travel more!! Next on my list is Alaska, Canada, and Patagonia. But until that happens, here are photos of this year’s adventures!




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