Kyle & Haley - An Epic Iceland wedding and adventure session

I have been dreaming of photographing an Iceland wedding for 7 years!

When my good friends Kyle and Haley told me they were going to have an Iceland wedding and that they wanted me to photograph it, I was as giddy as a little girl on Christmas.  I was so excited that I didn’t sleep for the next couple days. They wanted both an adventure session AND their Iceland wedding photos taken the same day. 

Because they love being in front of the camera (can you blame them? they are a beautiful couple!) they wanted to get photos taken of their Icelandic sweaters in their favorite spots in the country. We all stayed at the beautiful FossHotel Glacier Lagoon a half hour outside of the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

We started the day there, just after sunrise. It’s the best time to shoot there, just fyi. The light is usually incredible and the wind doesn’t kick up until a little later. Along with their awesome personalities, we got some fun and playful photos of them enjoying the view and embraced the cold. Because let’s face it, November in Iceland is pretty freaking cold. But damn if it isn’t beautiful as hell too!

Not photographed, was the three of us hanging out at the Glacier Lagoon the night before taking photos of the Northern Lights. One thing you should know, Kyle is also an a new photographer. Funny story, while we were taking photos we suddenly heard this VERY LOUD thunderous sound. Being an avoid lover of icebergs, I knew what that sound was… a huge chunk of ice fell off into the water. Thankfully we got lucky and no tidal wave came our way. But that was quite an interesting story for us all to share.

Anyway, after we got the photos of them at the Glacier Lagoon, we headed back towards their hotel where there was a stunning waterfall nearby.  One of the best things about Iceland is the variety of landscapes.  Everything around you is always breathtaking.  You can be hiking on a glacier at one time and on a beach with gigantic mountains in the distance a couple hours later.  Then you can see some of the most stunning waterfalls in the entire world.  All on this little tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

 They are just about the sweetest couple I have ever met, and they are so perfectly playful. But when they want to, they are both freaking models! Just check out Haley’s smoldering good looks in front of the waterfall below!

An Iceland wedding is one of the things that dreams are made of and Kyle and Haley made my dreams come true.  I know it sounds super cheesy but I really found myself here and I am so glad that I will be able to go back soon.  Once the world is free to travel around again, I invite you to come to Iceland with me to have your elopement or wedding in Iceland so I can show you how amazing this place truly is.

Please enjoy checking out their Iceland wedding and adventure session as much as I did!!  If you would like to see more weddings and elopements like this one, check out my blog here.

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