• Beautiful Wedding Vows Are Personal.
    Write Your Own.

As you prepare for your elopement, one thing you may not have thought of yet is your vows…

Although at more traditional weddings, these can be a stereotypical repeat-after-me moment with the officiant, a lot of people nowadays like to write their own vows to say to their significant other at the altar. This is especially popular among eloping couples, because come on – since when do we like to do things traditionally?? Here are six reasons you should write your own wedding vows for your elopement.


1. It’s More Intimate

Like eloping, writing personalized wedding vows makes the whole experience that much more personal! This is about celebrating your love story and your commitment to one another, so why not make that commitment more honestly you by using your own words? 

2. It’s More Meaningful

Have you heard of the five love languages? Well one of the big ones is Words of Affirmation – using words to show someone how much you care about them. If you or your significant other feel loved through words, then writing your own vows is the perfect way to give an already all-about-your-love day even more meaning and romance!

3. It’s More Fun!

Traditional vows are just boring. Sorry, but it’s true! When you write your own vows, you can make them so much more interesting and playful. Since they’re specifically about your relationship and the promises you want to make to your spouse, you can fill them with jokes and references to things you both know and love, like a favorite movie or a funny story from your relationship.

4. Makes Your Relationship Yours

When you write your own vows, you get to choose what promises you make and how you make them. Your relationship is unlike any other, so the promises you vow to keep to one another should fit that.

5. Creates a Unique Keepsake

The paper or notebook you read your vows from becomes a beautiful keepsake you can hold onto for the rest of your marriage! Then you’ll always have them to look back on and read to each other again every anniversary.

6. It’s PERFECT For Eloping!

When you elope, the pressure is off. You’re not up there in front of a massive crowd of people. This isn’t public speaking. It’s literally just you, your partner, and the select few you may or may not choose to invite (well, and me. Someone has to capture it!). If you do invite loved ones to your elopement but want to keep your vows more private, you can do a ceremony with family and friends but have a separate vow reading just the two of you. I have a couple doing this for their elopement and loved the idea!

Tips for Writing Awesome Vows:

Now that I’ve convinced you that original vows are the way to go, here are a few tips to help you get started writing them and make sure they’re ready for the big day:

  • Get started sooner rather than later so you have time to really dedicate to writing your vows.
  • Make a list of shared favorites (movies, books, songs, etc.) to draw quotes and ideas from, both funny and romantic!
  • Think of it as a love letter with promises. Tell your spouse why you love them and why you’re choosing to marry them, then make your actual vows.
  • Keep it simple and honest. It doesn’t need to be a grandiose speech – just be yourself!
  • Practice reading it out loud. Even though you’re not saying it in front of a big crowd, you should still make sure you like the sound and feel of it.
  • Write it out on your computer or scratch paper until it’s exactly how you want it
  • Once you have the words perfected, write your vows down in a keepsake book like this one to bring with you on your wedding day and cherish for years to come! If you want to wait to write them out until the day of, I love capturing photos and videos of my couples preparing their vows.

Whether you write your own or use traditional vows, make sure you discuss and decide what to do with your partner. It’s the most fun if you both write your own vows so you each get to give and receive a special moment during your elopement ceremony.

Ready to Start Planning?

If you’re reading this blog, my guess is you’re in full elopement-planning mode! I’d love to help you make it a day full of love, adventure, and really amazing photos to remember it all by. Contact me and let’s get started making your dreams come true!

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