What Inclusivity Means to Me as an LGBT-friendly Wedding Photographer

  • What Inclusivity Means to Me as an LGBT-friendly Wedding Photographer

As an LGBT-friendly wedding photographer, I believe everyone deserves to celebrate their wedding or elopement no matter what they look like or who they love!

I aim to be an inclusive elopement photographer in every way possible, and in the wedding industry that means standing out among the people who are not inclusive. In my opinion, a photographer who only wants to photograph a certain type of client should just go shoot models. Treating people differently because of their looks or sexual orientation does not belong in a business that’s all about celebrating love!


It makes me sad that some wedding vendors aren’t gay-friendly or treat some couples differently than others. I’m an LGBT-friendly wedding photographer because I love love in all its forms! I’ve gotten to know some of my favorite people in the whole world because I’m an inclusive elopement photographer, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.



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Love is Love, and Love is Inclusive

To understand the idea of inclusivity, the concept of exclusivity must exist. In the wedding and elopement business, nobody should be excluded from having their dream experience with their true love. LGBTQ+ couples are no different from any other couple planning to get married—they want to choose where they go and what they do for the whole day to celebrate their union.

My husband and I have captured all kinds of weddings and elopements, and every couple has been totally unique and made their day such a fun and inspiring experience! When I think about being “inclusive” as a wedding photographer, what I mean is that the same things should be available to everybody. You should enjoy the same experience, same feeling, same “Holy crap, we’re married!” moment, regardless of who you love or how you love.

Couples we work with who have felt excluded in the past have often been made to feel like the way they look, feel, or believe is somehow wrong. I’m not about that. I don’t care what you look like, what you believe, or who you love. When it comes to your wedding day, what matters is your love story and the two of you feeling beautiful and on top of the world (sometimes literally with mountain views like these!) From my very first wedding to the day my hubby and I shifted to being adventure elopement-focused, I have been inclusive since day one and I think that’s just how it should always be!

What It Means to Be an LGBT-Friendly Wedding Vendor

Being a gay-friendly wedding vendor means giving LGBT couples the same experience as everyone else. An inclusive wedding photographer includes everybody—same opportunities, same poses, same actions, treating them exactly the same. If you want to spin your dress like crazy, do it please, no matter your pronouns!

Of course, no couple is going to have a good time eloping if they feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera. That’s why I always try to get together with my couples at least once before the big day! We could spend that time doing an engagement shoot, scoping out the elopement locations, or just enjoying a slice of pizza and getting to know each other. Weddings and elopements are personal, and I want to capture that intimacy in the best way possible!

When I connect with a couple and get them to show me their true colors in their wedding photos, the result is fire. And that’s what I strive for—bringing out that emotion, that sexy, that fun! Sometimes that even means incorporating a really fun adventurous experience or activity into your elopement. That could be a helicopter tour, paddle boarding, hiking, or dancing the night away at a local pub!

Your Right to an Exclusive, Incredible Wedding Day

While I strive to be inclusive as far as the couples getting married are concerned, you have the right to make your wedding or elopement completely exclusive. Nobody is entitled to be at your wedding. It doesn’t matter who is paying for it or who is blood or who just feels like they deserve to be there. The bottom line is you are getting married and they aren’t. So tough crap, third cousin’s former roommate, get over it!

This is part of what makes eloping so appealing to non-traditional couples (and by non-traditional, I mean couples who have historically been marginalized and not accepted by society. LGBT couples, interracial couples, or any other couples who have felt alienated because of who they are or their feelings for one another). When you elope, the experience is all about you and your partner, and the only ones there are the ones you want to have with you!

Some couples worry that if they elope, some people won’t approve. This is such an antiquated idea, that eloping is inherently rebellious or wrong. I say, be rebellious! Be “wrong”! People who tell you not to do it when it’s what you want don’t have your happiness in mind.

When it comes to the diverse couples I’ve photographed in the past, I think a lot of them choose to elope for the same reasons as everybody else. They might do it for the adventure, for the scenery, to save money, or for the privacy. Some do it to avoid family drama. I also think some of them do it to avoid the fear of being judged if they have a big, traditional wedding. They fear they won’t be accepted. But guess what? We accept you, no matter what.

How We Help ALL Couples Have the Best Possible Elopement Experience

My goal is always to be welcoming and supportive of all relationships, and that mentality starts with the “Get to Know You” questionnaire all of my couples fill out! I don’t ask any questions about sexual orientation, body type, religion, race, or anything like that. Nothing like that will determine if you’re eligible to work with us, so I don’t waste time asking.

I also don’t discriminate when it comes to posting on social media. One thing I hear a lot is that I show a lot of inclusivity in my work by posting a lot of LGBTQ+ or plus-sized brides, grooms, and couples on social media. While I love hearing this, it’s nothing new for me!

I just love people who show love towards each other, no matter what they look like. While some photographers prefer to only post photos of their “ideal clients,” I feel like only pretentious people use that term. I believe in real photos that show who you are. Sometimes this is a stunning shot with a breathtaking backdrop, but other times it’s the couple just goofing around and tickling each other! Whether on social media or the blog, we post the beauty no matter what form it takes.

Your Love Story is Beautiful, Period!

As your elopement photographer and videographer team, we do so much more than just take your photos and videos! We give all of our couples the same assistance and support in choosing and scouting locations and planning their elopement timeline. For many locations we’ve shot more than once, we have huge information packets to help with every stage of planning!

We know many LGBTQ-friendly vendors in the different areas that we shoot in.  One of our favorites is Lisa from Northwind Nuptials.  She is a fantastic officiant who goes above and beyond for all of her couples.  Ask us for any other vendors you need and we will do whatever we can to help you find the right fit.

I believe our large library of diverse couples shows we are doing something right. If you want to join the club, it’s not at all exclusive and we welcome love stories in all their forms! Book your elopement or adventure session today!

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