Missi & Dan // Rainy & Romantic Engagement Session at Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula

Hurricane Ridge and love go together so well.

Missi and Dan are one of my favorite couples ever. They aren’t afraid to be playful and silly and they are completely, crazy, head over heels in love with each other. Even in June there was still some snow up at Hurricane Ridge. But they love those mountains! It was a decently warm day but there was also a consistent drizzle and some wind up at the top. That is one of the best things though about having a big strong man around, they keep ya warm! That and a big freaking blanket.

Missi is one of those rare beauties. Her hair is perfectly golden and it compliments her big smile. She has the biggest heart you could possibly imagine but at the same time, looks like a freaking Victoria’s Secret Model. It is even a joke among Dan and his friends. How he managed to snag a girl like that was a not only a slam dunk but incredibly lucky. But the thing is that she feels exactly the same way.

But let’s not stop here, let’s go on this little adventure together..

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