Jessica & Matt- Glacier National Park Adventure Session

A Glacier National Park Adventure Session is a fabulous idea!

Matt & Jessica may be a young couple (both 20!), but they actually have known each other since they were 15. Friends first, he loved her naturally red hair and sweet demeanor. She loved his strength, ability to pick her up like it’s nothing at all, and his shy but silly personality.

They met in gym class she says, he asked her for a basketball and when their fingers touched it was electric she says. I know, so cute and cheesy, I love it!
They realize that they are still so very young, but they both know they want to get married to each other. They wanted to have a session together as Matt was about to go into the service to be a nurse for the army and was going to be gone for the next 6-8 months. They told me that they are hoping to get married in the fall of 2022 when he graduates.

I asked why they wanted to go to Glacier as I knew the “Going-to-the-Sun” road was closed due to snow, bummer I know. Matt told me it was when they went on one of their many drives and hikes together here that he knew he wanted to marry her. And the timing of when they could get photos done together was a very limited window.

It was just by a curious quirk of fate that I was going to be in Glacier National Park for a few days exploring and working and Jessica has been a fan of my photography for years she said.

“I’m straight up a stalker fan girl” were her words. Which sure, may not be something you want to hear most of the time, but as a photographer, I took that as a major compliment! So when she contacted me for an adventure session in Glacier National Park, I was over the moon excited! I love Glacier! So we set up a time and they took me around to their favorite spots that were open at that time.

We started in the forest as it’s not only beautiful but also one of their favorite things about Montana is the beautiful forest as Matt grew up in the desert as a kid and had not seen a pine tree until he was 12 years old when his family moved to Kalispell. So anytime Matt and Jessica have time to go for a walk together they go to the woods.

I figured this would be the perfect time to get Matt’s blood flowing and get the playfulness kicked into high gear with picking Jessica up! He seriously makes it look like so dang easy! And from a photographic perspective, I was obsessed with the POP of orange his shirt brought to the beautiful greens of the trees. It complimented her feminine style and lacy top.

Matt is known for his style he says, so he changed more than Jessica did! LOL! But I always welcome a wardrobe change for my adventure sessions! We headed to the river for our next spot. Jessica says that this is where they shared their first kiss. I mean come on with these two, how cute are they!?

They crazy thing is that so far this day it had been overcast and off and on raining. But as I got photos of them kissing next to the river the sun shinned on them! Like, this is straight up felt like it was out of a movie!

Finally, we went down to the river. The blanket we used was a Christmas gift from Matt from their first Christmas together as a couple. Jessica knew she wanted it to be in the photos as it was the most special gift he had given her as they use it on all of their adventures together.

So many memories tied to it and she dreamed of having a photo of her wrapped up in it with him holding her tightly like he always does.

These two were incredibly sweet and so photogenic it made my job cake. I sincerely hope they love their photos as much as I do and I look forward to their elopement in Glacier National Park in 2020!

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