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A Rainy Lake Crescent Wedding Day

There has been an interesting phenomenon happening in the last few years. Couples have been booking me to take photos for them in their wedding attire after being disappointed when they got their wedding photos back from the photographer they has hired for their wedding (not me!).  Nothing breaks my heart more when I hear that a couple, who spent their hard earned money, are upset and didn’t like their wedding photos. It saddens me when I hear of these things happening because it makes my industry look sketchy and unprofessional.

I have worked so very hard over the last 11 years to make sure my clients have the best experience possible with me. So I felt like it was my duty to make it up to Kennan and Chelsea and take the best damn photos I could of them as possible! It would almost be like a real Lake Crescent Wedding experience in 2020 instead of before.

Chelsea told me that she wanted to have her photos done at Lake Crescent.  And she wanted it to be moody. Ok now this was seriously too perfect! Yes it was a bit cold and rainy. But honestly I really love it when the lake is like that. Because even though Lake Crescent is stunning on a sunny day, when it’s overcast like this everything because so incredibly lush and vibrant.

Chelsea put on her wedding dress again, which was perfectly ready to flow around. Backless, sexy, and full of delicate detail. Kennan had gotten a new suit for the shoot. On the day of the wedding, it was more of a beach theme so he was in a much more laid back attire. But they wanted to kick things up a notch for these photos. Plus they knew they would be getting these photos done on a much colder day than in the middle of August.

We started at the far east side of the lake at East Beach. Known for its rock formations and big logs. It was just us there. The rain had started sprinkling and was slowly gathering all over Chelsea’s skin and hair. It was almost like the scene out of The Notebook only better and less cheesy. You could see the goosebumps. But then again I am not sure if that was from the cold rain or from all the amazing kisses she was sharing with Keenan. Either way, it was romantic and sexy as hell!

I love the fact that among the grey skies and dark green trees there were some beautiful and bright orange ferns. That pop of color made Chelsea literally squeal as it’s her favorite color and made her dress almost look ethereal and like she had stepped out of a Jane Austin novel. Only updated for 2020.

When I shoot a Lake Crescent wedding (which is a LOT) so many couples want to shoot at Lake Crescent Lodge. Which is cool, but East beach is so over looked. I am so glad that Chelsea and Kennan trusted me and my vision for their session. But I am also a creature of habit and we had to go out to the lodge area. One of my favorite things about Lake Crescent Lodge is the drive to it.

The tunnel you drive under never gets old, even after the 100th time driving under it. It’s magical in so many ways and still, I hardly ever get to shoot it. So when I saw just how magical it was on this particular day I knew we had to play. Chelsea and Kennan were such troopers. Even though it started to rain even a little harder they just went full force into it. By this time Chelsea’s dress was a lovely hombre of ivory and dirt. So what’s a little more wetness?

They grabbed each other’s hands and went for a little jog. I turned up the music on my little speaker so they could just listen the music I had playing and fully embrace the moment together. Kennan just went for it and picked Chelsea up, and made me swoon as well at the romantic scene.

Recently there was a really bad wind storm at the lake that had made a tree fall into the lake. The rangers decided that it was fine staying there but they did cut it up a bit so people could still walk on the path. Well, I saw this new addition to the landscape and was like “WE HAVE GOT TO USE THIS!” and being the brave bad asses that Chelsea and Kennan are, they went for it.

Her lacy dress really shinned here as she gently laid the ivory against the deep brown bark. Soon their arms were as intertwined as much as the branches. Keeping each other warm with their body heat. We neared the end of our time together. It seriously went by so quickly! They were so incredibly happy with how our time together went and I was overjoyed I could do that give them the photos they dreamed of. I love my job and being able to make people feel something so profoundly magical, stress-free, and happy with my photos. Thank you Chelsea and Kennan for trusting me with your time, money and memories!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the photos from this moody lake crescent wedding at lake crescent lodge and east beach.

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