Delany & Tyler – Micro fall elopement with family at Artist Point

  • Delaney & Tyler

A Fall Elopement with Family at Artist Point

September is one of my favorite months for elopements, especially in the Pacific Northwest! It’s not as rainy as the spring and summer months, but you still get that moody fog that just has something so cozy and romantic about it. And of course, everything is still so green and if you add some snow-capped mountains in the background it’s perfect! So naturally, I’m obsessed with this intimate micro-wedding I got to shoot at the beginning of September.

Meet the Couple

Tyler and Delaney McKnight met at a beach volleyball tournament in Texas and, although their team didn’t win, they definitely scored (their words, not mine!). They have now been together for almost 7 years, accompanied by their sweet dog, Raye, who was with them when they moved from Texas to Washington.

Getting engaged just a few months before the pandemic hit, Tyler and Delaney initially tried to wait it out so they could have a bigger wedding. Eventually they decided something more intimate would be a better fit since they really wanted it to be a day truly about them and their commitment to each other. After researching elopements and micro-weddings, they knew it was for them! They loved how adventurous it was while also saving money that they could instead put toward their first home together.

Still wanting their family to be a part of the special day, they were invited to witness the ceremony and join afterward for a small reception at Rifugio’s and to watch the Clemson game (the groom’s favorite team).

Although I didn’t meet Tyler and Delaney until the wedding day, as often happens with elopements, we just clicked immediately – even over email! I’m so glad I got to capture every candid, awkward moment and every romantic kiss.

An Intimate First Look

Delaney’s dad walked her down the Artist Point trail to Tyler for their first look, then took Delaney to a Mt. Baker viewpoint for a really sweet moment that even made the groom cry! After we all collected ourselves and dabbed away the smudged mascara, it was time to head over to the ceremony, where around 20 family members were waiting.

A Micro-Wedding Ceremony

I loved the location they picked for the ceremony! We followed the Artist Point trail to this stellar lookout with Mt. Shuksan in view, plus a little pond to make for some amazing reflections – a photographer’s dream!

My husband and videographer extraordinaire really loved the ceremony. The officiant was super well spoken and heartfelt, but also kept us laughing the whole time! We almost lost it when he described Delaney’s first impression of Tyler as “yummy.”

Delaney’s reaction once they were pronounced husband and wife was priceless – I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so thrilled to be married! You can tell this was a long time coming for them, the excitement was in the air the whole day.

360 Views at Artist Point

After the ceremony, we took the couple a little further down the trail for some photos where we had Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Baker, and the Canadian Rockies in view. We were taking photos in all directions because the view was showstopping no matter where we looked!

Tyler and Delaney chose Artist Point for their elopement because they really wanted to feel like they were on top of the world. They were obsessed with the beautiful backdrops that only cost them $50 for a special events pass. How’s that for a wedding venue fee?!

Heather Meadows: The Most Underrated Spot

I honestly don’t know why more couples don’t use Heather Meadows in their elopements (I mean, I’m not mad about it. More for me and my clients!) – it’s such an underrated area. It looks like a huge crater with a lake in the middle of it!

Since it was just the very beginning of fall, there were still lots of wildflowers blooming in the meadows and by the streams, and there were bees buzzing all around. The lake was so glassy, we could see tall ridgelines picture-perfect in the reflection.

Also, do you see this bridge?! It looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings with the stone work and the mountains and Bagley Creek pouring out of the lake on the other side. It was so magical.

How to Elope with Family

If you want your family involved in your special day like Delaney and Tyler, just don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s your day! Keep it small and only invite who you want to have there. Nobody – read that again, NOBODY – is entitled to be at your wedding. As Tyler and Delaney put it, “Don’t worry about making everyone else feel included or ‘a part of.’ Your family will be happy just to be there and witness the special moments.”

The beautiful thing about eloping is that you get to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. If the people you invite want to come, it’s their job to make it work, not yours. You’re not doing it for them – it’s for the two of you and your love story. Elope on the top of Mt. Everest if you want to – it’s all about YOU!!!

If you’re considering an elopement, or already know you want one, contact me and let’s chat about making it happen!

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