Lachelle & Auren // CaveB Winery Elopement

Lachelle & Auren Elopement

A story about a gorgeous Caveb Winery Elopement on the Columbia River

What do you do when you want to get married with only your best friends and you live in Eastern WA? You go to Cave B Winery of course! Well at least for Lachelle and Auren that is what they did. Their best man Josh was also the officiant. The Maid of honor Amy was also the flower girl. They wanted to keep it small as they both were living on the other side of the country from their actually families and the logistics of the day just was becoming such a crazy circus that they decided to just elope! They had me come along with them and basically following around for most of the day.

With most of the materials found at Goodwill and vintage shops, since Lachelle loves vintage and in particular the 70’s. She wanted to have that boho feeling with a touch of 70’s thrown in. With beautiful teal, maroon, olive green, and mustard color accents. It perfectly came together in less than a 2 months time! Helps to be organized ladies! Since they eloped in mid April it was just coming into the booking season so there was no problem being able to get their spot on the property.

The one thing Lachelle said she wanted to have was a killer dress since she was skipping on a lot of the other things that come normal to a standard wedding. She picked the most perfect dress too. Like, holy crap, goddess status! It flowed perfectly in the warm breeze. Looking straight out of a painting on the cliffs overlooking the Columbia river. Lachelle wanted to take as much time as possible showing off that stunning dress. Afterall, you only plan to be a bride once and pay good money for the dress so let’s have some FUN!

After their short ceremony we went around the property taking photos. Most unique of all was the actual cave like setting that was below and behind some of the resorts rooms. After that we went to the pool area where they shared their first dance and played their song, If by Bread on Amy’s record player.

The whole day was magical. But before they sat down for their cake and dinner, they knew sunset was coming. We scurried up to the upper cliffs on last time to get sunset photos and had candles set up for one more romantic dance. The whole day couldn’t have been more perfect and I am so glad to have been able to be there for them.

This is truly an incredible place to be.  It feels like a playground of the titans.  The rooms you can stay in here have balconies that overlook the Columbia River Gorge.  They also have a full service spa and oh yeah! it’s a winery.  They have wine tasting regularly and this is an exquisite experience.  If you have never been to one before, this is where you want to start.


Dawn and Copper – Jewelry

Susie Saltzman – Wedding Ring

That Takes The Cake – Cake

Full Moon Candle Company – Candles on Cliffs, table, and pool.

The Dress Theory-Seattle Boutique – Wedding Dress

Gather Flowers – Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and decor

Julie Armando Huerta-Vega-Hair and Makeup

C a v e B E s t a t e Wi n e r y & R e s o r t – Location

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