Cape Flattery Elopement, Wedding, Sunset

A Stunning Cape Flattery Elopement and Sunset

Alexis and Adam

A Cape Flattery Elopement – The Farthest NW corner

I have done a few Cape Flattery elopements, and every time I go there I feel so spoiled by it’s beauty. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. This is the MOST northwest point in the United States, and it is quite a sight.

The cliffs are breath-taking and I love the fact that there is a small overlook that all my couples have chosen to get married at. The Pacific Ocean is so very teal in that area and is known for having whales to come relax in the coves.

Alexis and Adam were lucky in that they ended out having a warm sunny day in a typically raining location. It was perfect, and the sun glistened off the ocean. Alexis was a vision in her beautiful blush colored dress. The details on it were divine and oh so delicate with a feminine touch. Adam wore a dapper navy suit.

What I loved about this small intimate elopement is that even though they were out in the forest, everyone was dressed in their absolute best. I love that polar contrast of woods and wool suits. There is also something so fitting about it. Like, here is a bunch of people who look like they are ready to head to the Oscars, but they are instead walking on mossy board walk in the wilderness to a wedding.

Alexis, Adam and their families were incredibly sweet and kind the whole day. It made everything so relaxed and effortless. I didn’t post it in the photos by request of Alexis, but she was in a blue pop up tent changing into her dress and it was pretty funny watching her pop her head in and out being silly and so excited to be getting married.

I’ll be honest, I freaking love it when people cry at weddings. And this entire group cried! Not all at once, but once by one and seeing the love and support that Alexis and Adam were getting from their families really warmed my heart.

It is something that I always wish for when it comes to a couple eloping because I know that not everyone gets that kind of support. So when I see it, it makes me happy that the couple got to get married in the way that THEY wanted to and they were supported and loved in that decision. I hope that more and more elopements can happen that way.

Anyway, after we all had a good cry from the ceremony, it was time for the lovely couple to get some photos of themselves together. They were utterly fearless! They were ready and willing to climb down to the cliffs and to go out to the edges.

I always tell my couples, “only go as far as you feel comfortable going!” I never push a couple to go further than their comfort zone. And safety is always #1 in my book. But For Alexis and Adam they were like “we got this!” And on my goodness, it was too perfect of a moment!

We stopped in the forest on our way to the beach. The light coming through the trees was dreamy and it was too good to pass us even though I knew we were heading towards sunset in the next half hour.

After a few shots, we hiked back up the boardwalk and headed to Hobuck beach to finish the day drenched in sunlight. And as beautiful as the cliffs are, it’s a whole lot easier to get playful on a beach.

Lots of twirling, running together, and getting some of my favorite shots ever of a wedding dress! If you have a moment to stop and drool, then please do! I seriously am so in love with Alexis’s dress.

We ended the day on a high note, and I signed the papers for them to make it legit. That’s right, I’m ordained! And I love being able to either sign as a witness or as the officiant (even though I can’t actually perform it for you.) But it is a highlight non the less.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Cape Flattery Elopement as much as I have and thank you so much for reading.

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