Gorgeous Washington Coast Wedding

Alisa & Taylor- Washington Coast Wedding

So you decided to do a Courthouse ceremony, great! Do you boo. You both still want wedding photos to show your family and friends? Even better! And you want to have a Washington coast wedding in Olympic National Park? I”M LIVING FOR IT!

There is this amazing and popular thing happening, that if you and your love decide to just elope to the courthouse just to make it legal that you’re married, you can still get amazing wedding photos after! I have photographed many of these lately.

This way there is literally zero pressure for you to be anywhere or to have to be “on” for a large group of friends and family. The day is literally just about the two of you and getting the most amazing photos possible. This is what Alisa & Taylor decided to do.

Now Alisa has a good taste for fashion. So when she came to me about the idea of getting wedding photos done in TWO different dresses, one of which would have a pink skirt, I was so stoked. I got Alisa in contact with my girl Bergen of Fire & Blooms for the bouquet. Well, Alisa went ahead and made my dreams come true and got TWO bouquets made for each of her dresses!

More importantly, Alisa wanted 4 hours of time so that we could go to her three favorite places on the Olympic national Park for her Washington coast wedding photos, Lake Crescent, La Push and Rialto Beach. It was too perfect too, because at Lake Crescent it was clear as a bell and blue sky was a beautiful accent for Taylor’s navy suit.  

After our time at the lake we headed to the Washington coast, which if you’re not familiar with the area, it’s about an hour drive from Lake Crescent to the coast. Which, like I said, 4 hours was a great amount of time for wanting such a variety. So if you’re thinking about getting photos on the Washington Coast but also anywhere else in the Olympic National Park, you’re going to want some time for travel!

Now, if you don’t know western Washington that well, we have what is called “micro climates” which explains how we went from bright sun and clear skies to cloudy and moody within just an hour, or really 50 miles. 

When we got to La Push area, the moodiness at the beach was kind of amazing really. It made it so that Alisa & Taylor stood out against the grey sand. I for one live for clouds, rain, and mood. So I was right in my element which of course made my creativity soar for these two! We had to get some photos next to the famous La Push tree of course! 

Every time I come to this beach whether for work or for myself, the tree is always different. Thankfully for us it was fully out of the sand and not buried, so it seemed so much more grand that way. Plus it was a pretty calm day so no worries of us being washed away by big waves.

I loved that Alisa and Taylor were not afraid to get dirty either, or in this case wet also. It’s one of the benefits of having more than one outfit! Which I always encourage my couples to bring if they want to, because I am all for doing adventurous poses and pushing the envelope of staying clean. So if you’re like Alisa and Taylor and want to go all out and get dirty for the sake of the photos, then bring a second outfit!

Since they were now wet from La Push, we decided to change and go to our last location, Rialto beach. Taylor changed his pants, and Alisa changed into her adorable two piece outfit with the pink skirt and the new bouquet. Which, dang, Bergen really outdid herself! Seriously, she’s the best florist on the Olympic Peninsula!

We ended our session among the driftwood, moss, and with Alisa & Taylor cuddling to keep warm. It was such a great time and I can’t wait for the next couple I get to bring out to these amazing locations!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this beautiful Washington coast wedding that Alisa and Taylor allowed me to be a part of. 

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