Malik & Roselle -
Death Valley Elopement

I don’t normally blog a session this quickly, but there was just something about doing a Death Valley elopement that I couldn’t wait to share! Malik and Roselle are one of the most adorable couples I have ever had the joy of meeting. You can instantly tell that they have a very sweet and safe love story. By safe, I don’t mean that They don’t do anything, but that they find each other as their “safe” place, or like they said in their vows, they feel like they are “home” just by being around each other. 

Since they feel like they are home with each other they wanted to go on an adventure together where they could feel something special and be in a beautiful place at the same time. Since they live in Las Vegas, Death Valley National Park seemed like the obvious choice for their elopement.

Since Covid is a turd and still hanging on, they decided to do the courthouse first just to get the logistics out of the way. But they both still wanted to be able to say their own vows and get some amazing photos to share with their family and friends.

Roselle reached out to her friend Kim Matthias of @the_look_by_kimmy__ for her wonderful makeup and hair. But the cherry on top of everything was the freaking incredible, show stopping dress that Roselle got from Reclamation Design company! It was probably one of if not the most incredible wedding dress I have ever laid my eyes on before!

I loved how there was stars all over it, because one of the best things about having a Death Valley elopement is the fact that it’s one of the last places in the country that you can take night time star photos without any light pollution! Isn’t that insane?? So I made sure that the night before we meet up I got a beautiful star photo to add into one of theirs. Can you say foreshadowing??

Back to their elopement, we met at this beautiful courtyard that we just happened upon while exploring the park the day before. It was the quietest and most private spot we could find in the whole park and that was very important to them, obviously. Again, due to Covid the number of people int he park was quite less than usual, but was still a little too busy for them to say their vows without being interrupted.

With my husband Jesse now doing video we were able to record some of their vows so that they will always have them to remember. To see the video check it out below!

After they had their tearful vows, it was time for exploration! We first went to this local spot that had some falling down building in a tiny town called Rhyolite. Fun fact, The building we shot them at was actually used in the movie The Island! So it was super fun and I was geeking out knowing that one of my favorite movies was filmed where I was shooting this awesome couple!

After we were done exploring the ruins, we headed to Zabriskie Point. Before we headed up Malik wanted to do something that was special to him and his heritage, what’s called “jumping the broom” that signifies when someone gets married. Was utterly adorable!

The bright sand was such a perfect combination for both Malik and Roselle’s darker skin. I think a lighter couple would have been washed out, but with them, it made them stand out! I loved the playfulness of our time here and how engrossed we felt with the landscape. We sadly couldn’t spend more time here though, we had one last stop to make and we were running short on time and daylight.

The last spot we went it is what made this Death Valley Elopement ALL THE GOALS! Artist’s Palette! There is no other place on earth that I have been to where the colors you see are so natural and yet out of this world! Like, how!? Seeing Malik and Roselle against the beautiful lavenders, teals, and deep oranges made my heart swoon so hard! I am forever changed by this place, it’s such a shame it’s so freaking hot most of the year or else I would come here way more often!

 Ok ok, I’ll stop teasing you and let you go enjoy the photos for yourself! And if you’re thinking about eloping to Death Valley National Park, stop thinking about it and start planning! It’s a must visit in the winter time, aka the best time to elope there.

Thank you so much for watching, reading,  and oogling this wonderful Death Valley Elopement. To see some more of my adventure elopements and sessions, check out my blog here.

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