Organic Elopement in Port Angeles Washington

  • Corinna & Will

    Port Angeles Elopement

Port Angeles, WA is a great place to elope in if you like small town beauty.

Corinna & Will are small town folks. But more than that they love to live their lives in the outdoors. Hiking as often as they can. Being green and organic. They are the kind of couple that know that shopping local is better. So when it came time for them to say their vows they wanted to do it right. They wanted to do it with their local small business friends and wanted to keep it simple to keep their carbon footprint low.

Fun fact, did you know that wedding flowers are the #1 wasted item at weddings?? So Corinna hired her good friend Bergen of Fire & Blooms to do their flowers. Because Bergen is known for being the best forager in the area! Everything you see was picked, gathered, and assembled here in little o’ Port Angeles. Most of which in the forrest behind Bergen’s home.

When it came to decor, Corinna knew exactly who to call! Her long time college friend Maddie Raynolds who know owns MadDesigns in Port Angeles. Going for boho was all that Corinna wanted. A lover of Macramé Corinna brought her’s from home. In fact, the only thing that was bought for the special occasion, was the dress  from Lulus so she could wear it again.

Corinna and Will said their  “I Do’s” in a secret spot down by the waterfront where they first fell in love going for a walk in the summer sun 4 years earlier. It was where Will said he knew he wanted to marry her, so it was very fitting. It was peaceful and quiet, if only a bit wet. “Everything was perfect!” Corinna said later. Just them and their best friend to Officiant and me to witness. It was a lot of fun!

They ended their day in the most unlikely of places. An empty story front downtown in Port Angeles. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Well it’s where they hope to start a business in the next few months selling organic foods, and they are friends with the owner of the space! So it’s a start to their new life in more ways than one!

It was a perfectly relaxed day and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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