November 17, 2016

Kyle & Haley // Beautiful Mt. Shuksan & Mt. Baker Bridal Portraits

Adventurous couples are my favorite!

But doing bridal portraits at Mt. Shuksan was a dream come true! On a stunning September evening, Kyle and Haley accompanied me to not only Mt. Shuksan but Mt. Baker too. Having been married 3 months earlier, it was unfortunately too cloudy/snowy to get the photos they dreamed of having on their wedding day.  So when they saw that I was heading to Mt. Shuksan for the first time they asked if they I would be willing to photograph them in their wedding attire. Being the adventurous photographer I am, I of course jumped at the opportunity.

What follows is one of my favorite sessions ever. Mt. Shuksan is other-worldly and the fact that you turn around and BAM, there is Mt. Baker! This place already holds a dear place in my heart as it was my grandmother’s favorite place in the whole world to go.  I never got to go with her before she died. I have a photo of her sitting, looking at the mountain. When I was there I sat in about the same spot and took a moment from shooting. Sitting quietly, gazing at the mountain. I could feel her presence there with me.

So in doing this session, two dreams came true.  I am eternally grateful for it. I am so glad that Haley and Kyle loved the photos so much and that I continue to be friends with them to this day and have hopes to do their anniversary photos later this year.

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