I want your heart to be filled with love and your skin covered with goosebumps.

Think of the way you felt when you got engaged. Excited? Joyful? Couldn’t stop giggling?  I want you to feel that way when you see your wedding photos. I am a perfect mix of professional and that silly girl next door. I put my heart and soul into documenting weddings as if it was my own. I focus on you. Discovering and documenting all the details that make up your wild and crazy love story. I’m standing on that mountain top, walking through that field, or standing in that freezing lake (wouldn’t be the first time!) to get that perfect shot. I do what I need to do because today is not about me. Laughing, crying, hugging, or loving, I’m there for you. From the moss covered trees from my home on the Olympic Peninsula, to the jaw-dropping Alps in Switzerland. Everything in between and beyond. I go where you want your love story to be remembered.